1. All rules are subject to change and you are required to know them.

2. *PVP*

3. Don't be an ass; some cordial trolling and griefing is accepted if it's all in good fun. Excessive harassing of players is not permitted.

4. *PVE*

5. Don't be an ass; PVE is about a civilized social gaming environment. If you need more than that go to one of the PVP servers.

6. This server is here to provide a FUN environment for players, any actions to take away from this will be in violation of the server rules.

7. Let's keep the language generally respectful.

8. Base, Ship and Resource blocking is not permitted under any circumstances.

9. Clean up your crap (Including Taming pens, Cages). If have to clean it up you won't play here anymore. With an exception to your tribe owned land on Atlas.

10. Discovery bed spamming is not permitted.

11. Pillar, Foundation spamming/blocking is NOT Allowed

12. NO Building on obelisks or specialty spawns.

13. Structures must be further than 3x turret range from obelisks and specialty spawns.

14. NO Building on powerstones or freeports (This includes Shipyards!).

15. No ship staging in powerstones(Violators tribe will be banned)

16. Offensive names will result in deletion and or bans

17. Personal complaints must be given directly to the admin (Crazy-Wolfe)

18. Respect the server, players and rules. Testing or pushing will only end badly for you.

19. Violators of any rules will be dealt with by admin with or without warning.